T.G. Powell Shares Her Fan Story

12.23.2011 / Blog Posts Redskins

WOW member T.G. Powell remembers when a football stadium in her native Colorado was named after her football-loving grandmother, making it the first stadium in the country to be named after a woman. She shares her journey to Redskins fandom and, of course, to the Women's Club in her fan story below...

I have been a football fan my whole life. Growing up, it was the women in my family that loved watching football. I spent Sunday afternoons with my grandmother and mother watching the NFL games and cheering on our favorite teams. My grandmother was a huge football fan. She loved the game at every level - high school, college and of course, the NFL.

She was a high school teacher at Broomfield High School in Colorado and was the football team's biggest booster. I remember growing up watching the games with her; she never missed a football game there. When she retired from teaching, the high school named the football stadium after her. Elizabeth Kennedy Stadium was the first football stadium in the country named after a woman.

When I came to the Washington DC area for college in the mid eighties I brought my love of NFL football with me. I started watching and cheering for the Redskins, but found I was almost always the only female fan in the room. All that has started to change over the last few years. There are so many more women watching, enjoying and understanding the game now. It is so nice to have so many other women share my passion for football and the Redskins.

Thanks for all you are doing. It is so great to see the Redskins empowering and encouraging more female fans.

- TG Powell


Do you bleed burgundy and gold? Share your Redskins stories with WOW! As part of Football Fridays, we'll feature you on our website!

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