Monday Afternoon Water Cooler: Redskins beat Giants 23-10

12.19.2011 / Blog Posts Redskins

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By Brian Tinsman

Christmas came early for Redskins Nation, as the boys in Burgundy and Gold dominated Big Blue in front of a capacity New York crowd.

The Redskins offense and special teams certainly played well, running up the largest lead of the season (20 points), but it was the defense that set the tone for the day.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning struggled all day against the Redskins secondary, and frequently appeared lost and confused. When he did have the opportunity for a big play, his receivers dropped passes. When he didn’t have the opportunity, he made mistakes, throwing interceptions to three different Redskins for the first time in 15 career games.

[“Secondary”: This is another name for the defenders that cover an offense’s receivers. Their proper names can be strong safety, free safety, cornerback, nickel back, or dime back, but they’re frequently referred to as a group. Secondary, defensive backs, and coverage are terms used to describe them as a group.]

To illustrate how infrequently three defensive backs have interceptions in a single game, the last time that happened for the Redskins was exactly six years ago. That’s a span of 98 regular and postseason games between feats.

But the interception from yesterday’s game that stands above the rest was Josh Wilson’s interception in the end zone at the start of the fourth quarter. The play ended a Giants drive that started on their 23-yard line, before marching 64 yards to the Redskins 13-yard line.

With a first-and-10, trailing by 20, the Giants looked poised to work their way back into the game with 13 minutes to play. That is, until a pass to the back corner of the end zone landed in Wilson’s outstretched arms. Having keen awareness of how close he was to the sidelines, he got both feet down in-bounds for the touchback.

This play sealed the deal on a Redskins win. The Redskins wouldn’t score anymore points, but they were able to milk the clock and keep the Giants out of the end zone until the final 37 seconds of play.

This was likely the best all-around game for the Redskins on defense, and it was the timely takeaways of players like Wilson that brought home the victory.

Final score from New York: Redskins 23, Giants 10.

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