Vick's "Most Dedicated Fan," Joy Hogston

11.18.2011 / Blog Posts Redskins

Not only is Joy Hogston a lifelong Redskins fan – she’s also one of 32 finalists in Vick’s “Most Dedicated Fan” contest! In this week’s fan story, Joy shares with us how she grew up with the Redskins, her daughters’ growing passion and memories of her first game at FedExField!

Since I can remember, I have always had a love for the Washington Redskins! As a little girl, I remember sitting on my dad's lap watching every game. I was always mesmerized by the game itself, and I always knew that the Redskins were MY team! My dad tells me it didn't matter who was playing, I would always cheer "Go Redskins!" Monday mornings, my dad would leave me a note on my dresser letting me know the score of the game from the night before. I always looked forward to seeing that we had WON!

As I grew up, I never thought about "switching" teams or cheering for anybody else. I am a mother to two beautiful daughters, Sadie and Riley. I have raised them to be diehard Skins fans like my father and I. My youngest daughter, Riley, does just like I did as a child, any football game that is on, she can be heard cheering "Go Redskins!" It makes my heart happy each time I hear her say that!

I have always dreamed of going to a live game at the Redskins Stadium. I couldn't wait to see all the fans go crazy the way I do at home on game days! Growing up we had enough, but we were never able to go to the games. TV was perfect for us, as long as we were able to watch the Redskins play football!

My dream came true last year, when my boyfriend Scott, gave me tickets to the final home game against the Giants. I cried like a baby when I opened the gift; he gave me my dream! Writing about it makes me cry happy tears again! I will never forget that day; next to giving birth, it was the BEST day of my life! It was like waiting for Santa to come driving to the stadium.

When we walked in for the first time, and saw our seats, I was in HEAVEN! Again, I cried, because I couldn't believe that I was there, in FedExField, watching my dream come true! I met "The Chief" and a few members of "The Hogettes"! Oh MY Gosh! It was AMAZING! What an experience, and again, one I will never ever forget! If I could go to every single game, I would!

When I saw that Vick's NyQuil was having a "Most Dedicated Fan Contest," I knew I had to at least try to enter and prove to the world just how much I LOVE THE REDSKINS! Vick's chose me to represent them, and I couldn't be happier to do it! I will represent the Skins until the day I die!!

I am one of 32 finalists in this contest. If I win, I will get a Super Bowl prize package, which includes two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl! When I win, I will proudly walk into that stadium flaunting my Skins gear from head to toe - including my Redskins R tattoo behind my right ear, no shame in my game!

Everyone knows I am a faithful, die hard, never miss a game, Redskins Fan! Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory! Braves on a War Path, Fight for 'ole D.C!!

WOW wants to help Joy! Go to her facebook page and “like” or tweet #VICKSMDFWASHINGTONFAN.

Need more proof of Joy’s loyalty? Check out her photos below - including her daughters at the WOW Cheerleader Dance Class!

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