First Comes Redskins, Then Comes Marriage - Terry Brown Shares Her Story

11.04.2011 / Blog Posts

Welcome to our newest feature of WOW's Football Friday - Fan Stories! Terry Brown shares her favorite Redskins memory below...

It all started with my mom. When the 'Skins came in 1937 my grandfather started taking my mom, then 10, to the games. In 1941, he bought season tickets. If my mom was still alive, this would be her 70th season attending games. So we grew up on Redskins football!

On January 10, 1983, my brother, Mike, and I camped out in front of RFK for playoff tickets to the game against the Vikings. (I had already stood in line for tickets for the first playoff game against the Lions.) My brother had even brought a TV so we could watch the Georgetown Hoyas' basketball game while we were waiting!

Some of the people in line by us gathered around. There was a father and son in front, two guys behind, and one guy by himself. During the night we all talked, except the lone guy, Joe.

The next morning someone came by selling hot chocolate. When I pulled my scarf down, Joe looked at me then back at my brother. Joe said he thought Mike was my husband. I very quickly pointed out that I was separated and told him Mike was my brother. Eventually, we all got our tickets together for the game against the Vikings.

A few weeks later, we met back up to stand in line for tickets for the NFC Conference game against the Cowboys. Joe and I had our first date the night before the Cowboys game and have been together ever since!

We were married in June 1984. Joe adopted my two boys, Jim and David, who were 7 and 2 years old when we met. And we had two daughters, Shannon and Jennifer. We’re still going strong!

Hail to the Redskins!

- Terry Brown

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