Lorenzo Alexander's ACES Foundation to host Bowling Fundraiser

10.27.2011 / Blog Posts Community

Mark your calendars ladies! Lorenzo Alexander's “ACES” Foundation will host its third annual Celebrity Bowling Fundraiser Monday, Nov. 14 at Lucky Strike in Washington, DC!

The event will include a silent auction, bowling, food, and socializing with Redskins players and other local celebrities.

Tickets are $125 and all proceeds will go to the “ACES” Foundation, which provides youth enrichment programs in the greater DC area. The Foundation’s mission is to support youth through emphasizing self-accountability, taking pride in community and striving for educational excellence, while promoting a healthy mind and body through sports.

Interested? Click here to purchase tickets!

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander is one of the most active players in the community. Besides launching his own foundation, he was also named the Washington Redskins Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2010 and participates in almost every Redskins community event. He also did an exclusive WOW interview earlier this month, where he talked about his ACES foundation and making it all work with his wife. Click here to watch the video.

For more information, visit Lorenzo Alexander’s website, and to keep up with Lorenzo and the “ACES” Foundation, you can follow both on Twitter: @onemangang97 and @aces_foundation.

Bowling Event Details:

Monday, Nov. 14
6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Lucky Strike
701 7th St. NW #E Washington, DC 20001.
Located by the Gallery Place – Chinatown metro station.

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