WOW Hosts its First Dance Class Taught by the Redskins Cheerleaders!

10.25.2011 / Blog Posts Events

Taking advantage of the away game in Charlotte and an off weekend for the First Ladies of Football, WOW hosted its first Redskins Cheerleader Dance Class at the Tyson's Corner Sport&Health Club on Saturday, Oct. 22. WOW members in attendance learned dance moves and routines from the best dancers in Washington- the Redskins Cheerleaders of course!

Each dance class was one hour long and was split up by age. Megan and Michelle took the first class of younger girls and daughters of WOW members, focusing on basic steps, moves and footwork. Below you can see them learning some pirouettes.

Denise and Ashely W. taught the older group and things got a little bit more intense. They learned a specific routine and choreography, in just one hour!


The event turned out to be a great way for WOW members and Redskins fans to meet up and hang out, while getting in a great, morning workout and having fun.

A big thanks to Sport&Health for hosting us in their newly remodeled sports club! For more information on their Tyson's Location, click here. 

Be sure to check out our events calendar for the next exclusive WOW event!

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