Generations of Redskins Passion - Emilie Donald Shares Her Story!

10.21.2011 / Blog Posts Redskins

Welcome to a new feature of WOW's Football Friday - Fan Stories! Emilie Donald from King George, Va, shares her favorite Redskins memory below...

I am a 44 year-old mother of four.

I have been passionate about the Redskins since my father began taking me to the games in the late 70's at RFK.

I have passed this passion down to my children of course!

Three years ago my daughter Victoria, who was 11 at the time, wanted to go to her first Redskins game. We got tickets to the Nov. 30, 2008 game versus the New York Giants. She was so excited as we drove up 95 North blasting our Chris Paul Redskins mix, stickers on our car, dressed up in Redskins gear and our flags on the windows.

She then started pointing out other Redskins fans on the highway with their "flags rippling in the wind". As the other cars beeped and waved to her, she grinned from ear to ear! The smile never left her face. She didn't care that we parked (what seemed to be) a mile away. She took every step proudly in her Portis jersey.

We made it to our seats and the rain was coming down...on went our Redskins rain ponchos. Victoria yelled and screamed when great plays were made. She screamed as loud as she could (till she almost passed out) when we were on defense. We were cold and our feet and pants were soaked, but she would not leave her seat...what a real FAN!

As we left the stadium and headed to the car, she looked at me with the biggest of smiles and said, “MOM THIS WAS MY TOP 1,” (kids rank their favorite things; previously it was Disneyworld and the American Idol concert).

That is always the way I have felt after games. To know that she will continue this family legacy makes me proud.

Victoria is not a fake fan. She can tell you our schedule by memory. She knows all of our players and works hard to learn their position and what that position entails. She is the first one Sundays to catch a false start, face mask or interference!

Victoria and I have been to many other games since then. She still smiles and is too excited to sleep the night before a game. She's up early putting on her Redskin gear and decorating our car. But that first game will always be one of my BEST REDSKIN FAN MOMENTS!

Thank you,
Emilie Donald

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