DeMiya Green Sat Down with WOW to Talk Wedding Planning, Work and What to Wear!

10.18.2011 / Blog Posts

DeMiya Green met Redskins defensive end Darrion Scott at a basketball game - set up on a blind date by mutual friends! Now the newly engaged Miya, as she is known to friends and family, took time out of her busy day in fashion as a merchandise planner to answer some of our questions about wedding planning, gameday style and spending the offseason with Darrion...

1. Congratulations on your engagement! How is wedding planning going?

Darrion and I actually met on a blind date set up by mutual friends at a basketball game and he proposed while we were on a trip to New York this past February. He decided that he wanted to take a last minute trip to NY to celebrate our three year anniversary. It was incredibly cold, but Darrion wanted to go to places like Central Park and the Empire State Building; however, he actually proposed over dinner at a restaurant in Soho. I preferred this over the ideas that he had in mind which included Times Square, Empire State, and Central Park - I'm more of a low key person especially for something like this!

Our wedding plans and details are pretty modest. We decided we wanted a very small wedding with close family and friends so we felt that a destination wedding would be the best idea - our parents live in different states, so we thought that was fair. We are getting married on March 23, 2012 in Cancun, Mexico and are expecting around 50 guests. Darrion would like to go to France for our honeymoon and I think it's a great idea especially since neither one of us has been to Europe. I'm researching packages for us and we plan to go to Paris at the beginning of April!

2. You are a merchandise financial planner for Chico’s – how cool! Have you always been in to fashion?

I love fashion! I've worked in retail since college and I love it. I used to work in stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and Guess, and when I graduated I wanted to experience the corporate side of things. I currently work as an Associate Merchandise Planner for Chico's FAS – a retailer that targets more mature women wanting to stay current on the trends while remaining age appropriate. As a merchandise planner, a job that I was very recently promoted to, my goal is to make the financial plan for each season (spring, summer, etc.) in a certain category. The environment is fun, fast paced and often challenging and I LOVE IT! I am very ambitious and competitive, which definitely helps in a role like mine.

3. Speaking of fashion, we’ve been asking the Redskins wives and girlfriends to describe their gameday style, especially with the NFL debuting their new women’s apparel line! What’s your gameday style like?

My personal gameday style is cute and casual. I'm 5' 9 so I normally wear flats. However, when it's cooler outside I love to pair a Redskins shirt, skinny jeans and boots to wear to the game. I LOVE boots! Cowboy boots are my favorite, but I also like suede and leather boots with a short heel on them. I live in Florida, so when I have to stay here to watch Redskins games I like to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of people. My friends are from all over the country so we normally have to go to a place that has all of the games on to meet everyone’s needs – they are all huge football fans, so it's always fun to have some friendly competition and argue about who's team will win each week!

4. Do you have any special gameday rituals or superstitions?

On gameday, I always wear my same Redskins t-shirt that a friend bought me for one birthday! I also wear a Redskins tee to work on the day following a win under my suit jacket. Darrion doesn't do anything that out of the norm - he likes to relax and listen to music.

5. What do you and Darrion like to do in your free time?

During the offseason, Darrion and I like to run around our neighborhood, which is often scary/funny because we live by a lot of ponds so I'm always afraid that an alligator is going to catch me! We have a gator in our backyard that likes to swim in the pond – it’s cool and exciting at the same time! We also like to support the American Heart Association through donations as well as participating in a Heart Walk down here in Florida.

Darrion and I are also in the market for an Old English bulldog and we already have a name picked out. If anyone knows of a trusted breeder LET US KNOW! We want one soon - Darrion loves dogs and I want a bulldog!!

Thanks for talking with us Miya - we wish you the best of luck!


Each week, the WOW Interview Series features the wives, girlfriends and moms of the Redskins organization, as well as successful women in business.

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