WOW talks with the NFL about Breast Cancer Awareness and All That Pink Gear!

10.12.2011 / Blog Posts

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Redskins Think Pink! game this Sunday against the Eagles, WOW sat down with the representatives from the National Football League to talk about their breast cancer awareness initiatives throughout the month of October...

1. Tell us about the NFL's partnership with the American Cancer Society?

Our relationship with the American Cancer Society (ACS) started in 2008, when the NFL made ACS the beneficiary of a small-scale breast cancer awareness auction. In 2009, when the NFL decided to create our A Crucial Catch league-wide campaign, we conducted a comprehensive search to find the ideal non-profit partner. We looked for the leader in the space, and found that in ACS. Given the NFL's standing as the leader in American sports, we knew that our relationship with ACS would be an ideal partnership. They are a strong and trusted voice when it comes to breast cancer awareness messaging as well as the science surrounding the disease. ACS lends us strong credibility and committed and long-term partner in the fight against breast cancer.

2. We see all the guys wearing pink out on the field, but what happens to all that gear once the month is over?

The bulk of the game-used pink equipment is placed on with all proceeds to benefit ACS. Another portion stays with the clubs and gets auctioned off locally or donated to support local breast cancer awareness organizations. Some players who have a personal tie to the disease keep their gear and give it to loved ones or others in the community.

3. What's the most popular pink gear players wear?

As you can see in the past two weeks, players and coaches love all of our pink gear and are passionate about supporting this cause. That said, the most popular equipment is generally pink cleats, gloves and wristbands. Each year, our catalog of pink gear increases, and now includes: cleats, gloves, wristbands, towels, skull caps, chin straps, shoe laces, sideline caps and more. We have seen all levels of football support the A Crucial Catch campaign with youth and high schools teams wearing pink gear and raising money to support those affected in their communities.

4. How much  was the NFL able to raise last year and how much do you expect to raise for the cause in 2011?

Last year, the NFL's A Crucial Catch campaign raised more than $1 million to benefit the American Cancer Society. We anticipate matching or surpassing that figure again this year. The majority of those funds are raised through as well as the sales of officially licensed pink product.

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