Ashley Rens talks Gamedays, Charity and Spending time with Boyfriend Will Montgomery

10.05.2011 / Blog Posts

As a center for the Redskins, Will Montgomery gets his fair share of time in the middle of the action. Take, for example, last Sunday when Will called out a Rams blitz coming from the right, giving Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman just enough time to connect with Jabar Gaffney.'s Gary Fitzgerald named Montgomery one of the unsung heroes of the game for that play, helping the team secure the win against St. Louis. 

Off the field Will spends much of his time with Ashley Rens, his girlfriend of nearly three years.  Ashley sat down with WOW to talk about what her gamedays are like, spending the offseason with Will and the importance of supporting breast cancer...

1. How did you and Will meet?

Will and I met at a New Years Eve party about three years ago. My brother-in-law played football with Will at Centreville High School in Clifton, VA and introduced us. We had a great time at the party, but I had to move the next day to North Carolina for banking school - I was just hired to work as a Portfolio Manager for BB&T after graduating from JMU. We kept in touch briefly while I was in NC, then I moved back to the area six months later when my program was over. We both went to a Kenny Chesney concert that summer with mutual friends, and we've been dating ever since.

2. How do you spend gameday when the team is on the road?

When the team is on the road I generally watch the game with my family. If I hosted a party to watch the game, I would most likely be a horrible host because I'd be glued to the TV! I'm one of those people who rewinds and watches plays - the first time I usually just watch Will, then I have to replay and see what else happened! I get so excited for games, but also I'm so emotionally invested in them - for Will and for the whole team. Sunday's are never boring!

3. Do you have any gameday superstitions?

I don't have any rituals or superstitions. If you ask Will on the other hand, I'm sure you'd get a better answer. Let's just say I've noticed the same ripped gray sleeve of a t-shirt hanging out of his jersey week after week. Coincidence? I just hope it gets washed.

4. Describe your personal gameday style.

My gameday style is definitely on the casual side. I wear suits all week long at work so this is my time to throw on Will's jersey and a pair of Nike's - unless it's a cold winter game! Then I wear a pair of tall, fuzzy boots to keep me warm. I always pack them with tons of toe and foot warmers so my feet don't turn into ice blocks by the end of the game. Having a poncho is also must - I sit in the stands rain or shine on gamedays!

5. Speaking of style, any favorite places to shop?

Will lives very close to Dulles Mall, so I go there if I have an urge to shop on the weekends. The only place I can go shopping with Will where he won't pitch a fit is Dick's Sporting Goods or Wegmans. I'm convinced he'd rather volunteer for a root canal than go to Tyson's mall with me during the holiday season! So usually when I shop, it's with my sister or solo, I'm more efficient that way. Some of my favorite stores are Macy's, Homegoods, Limited, DSW, and Costco (who doesn't love Costco?!).

6. Do you support any specific causes?

I'll always support breast cancer - my mom, grandmother, and Will's mom are all breast cancer survivors. My sister and I also love to participate in charitable races. Every year we run in my neighborhood's Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving morning, which benefits Life with Cancer.

7. What do you and Will like to do in the off-season?

One of my favorite new activities to do with Will is to go fishing. I never thought that would become one of my hobbies! My parents have a lake house at Lake Anna that Will and I go to often in the summer. Last summer, we went fishing with a guide who led us to catch 14 striped bass within four hours! It was the most chaotic, amazing fishing experience either of us have ever had. We also went fishing in the Bahamas last March. Will almost caught a shark (key word, almost). Nonetheless, it was unreal. I also love to go running. Last year my sister and I participated in the Army 10-miler and the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Our next goal is to take on Disney's full marathon!

Best of luck Ashley, and thanks for sitting down with WOW!

Each week, the WOW Interview Series features the wives, girlfriends and moms of the Redskins organization, as well as different successful women in business.

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