WOW Talks Fashion and Football with the Cuce' Twins

09.22.2011 / Blog Posts Fashion

Everyone is fired up for rivalry week as the team prepares to take on Dallas Monday night, but there is no rivalry in this house - the Cuce' sisters have gone from small town Virginia Beach girls to major NFL licensees when they founded Cuce' Shoes in 2010. WOW sat down with the identical twins, Kathleen and Kristina Cuce' last week to ask them a few questions about Cuce’ Shoes and what we can expect to see in the future!

1. Tell us a little bit about Cuce’ Shoes and how you guys got started.

Our objective initially was to bring fashionable and comfortable fan footwear to female consumers that wished to show support for their favorite college. Our goal for the future is to create fan footwear for female students, faculty and alumni at collegiate institutions across the country. Cuce’ Shoes believes in making female fans feel and look their best while rooting for their favorite school/team. With that said, our sights have been set on dressing some of the most loyal fans known to man…..followers of The National Football League. The 2011 NFL collection represents a fun and flirty twist to team apparel and has been created to be unique enough to flatter any woman’s wardrobe. The styles offered for these female devotees can be worn on game day and every other day! The company believes in inspiring conscientious camaraderie, so all of our collections are designed with animal free products. Fashion truly meets passion as we use luxurious faux furs, synthetic suede’s and other man made materials. Cuce’ Shoes embodies and emphasizes comfort, quality, style and ethics – rooting for your favorite team never looked so good!

2. How did twins from Virginia Beach go from a small company to a NFL Licensee? What is it like working with the league?

We decided to bring this concept to the National Football League after successfully launching our collegiate collection. We knew it wouldn’t be easy getting a meeting with the NFL but we thought, once we get in and share our ideas, they will love it. So, we called the office every single day for 2 months. We left messages, sent emails, met with past franchise owners, etc. We made a lot of noise and after weeks and weeks of persistence, someone finally started listening. The licensing department allowed us to come to NYC and present our case, and present we did. We brought samples, images; catalog’s and explained every single detail we could to get them to fixate on this concept and fall in love with it. Less than a year later, Cuce’ Shoes is one of the league’s newest licensees. With that said, it has been one of the hardest years of our life…but it has been equally one of the best as well.

3. Are you two football fans?

We are huge football fans. In fact, our first NFL game was at FedExField five years ago. Everyone in Virginia Beach is a Redskins fan, so we grew up always following the franchise. This fan footwear concept came to us while sitting at a football game during half time (not a Redskins game, but a NFL game nonetheless). Who would have ever thought such a small idea at a game would have impacted our lives so heavily and quickly!

4. Mrs. Tanya Snyder is heavily involved with the NFL and their women’s campaign, how has it been working with her?

We had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Snyder at the NFL Consumer Products Summit for a few minutes in Boston. She had heard about the boots and was excited to see them. We then met up with her again this summer in NYC for the “Fit for You” campaign, where we presented her with the very first pair of Washington Redskins Supporter Boots. She has been very warm and welcoming and very supportive of our project. It has been a joy working with her we are grateful for her involvement with women in the NFL and we hope to see more of her in the future.

5. You two are going to be guest bloggers on Are you excited about sharing your stories with our female fans?

We are very excited. It is very easy for us to relate to the female NFL community because we truly are football fans. It is moving to share our story and it’s been amazing to see women so receptive to our fan footwear collection. We have always loved the league and followed women within the NFL and women’s campaigns. To actually be a part of it now is just surreal. This is going to be the best season yet!

For more information on Cuce' Shoes or to order a pair, visit their website at!

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