Nutrition Tip #1 – Sugar and Your Metabolism

09.19.2011 / Blog Posts Health and Wellness

Certified personal trainer and nutritionist for Gold's Gym, Beth Webster (NASM-CPT, IBNFC-NC), answers this week nutrition question on sugar and metabolism.

Question: How does sugar affect metabolism?

Answer: Sugar has been vilified by the popular press, but moderate amounts will not hurt any healthy person. In fact, the right amounts and kinds of "sugar" can be a positive contributor to the training-induced results of athletes and exercisers. But remember, too much of anything can be bad for you.

Sugar is only guilty by its association with many people's uncontrollable addictions to sweetness. Sugar is found in many popular foods that offer little nutritional value and little satiety relative to calorie content (think donuts). These foods are frequently eaten in excessive amounts in today's society. As such, sugary foods contribute an inordinately large number of calories to most people's diets. Here is the important point: sugar is associated with weight gain and other related health issues because people overeat, leading to weight gain or obesity (which causes its own problems that may be exacerbated by sugar), and much of the food commonly overeaten happens to contain sugar. Additionally, when eating a large portion of your calories from any group of less healthy foods, containing sugar or not, you have little room for nutritious items, which will also contribute to health problems. In other words, weight gain and health problems are not simply a result of eating sugar. Sugar consumed in moderation is absolutely fine. Beth is a trainer and nutritionist for Gold's Gym in Northern Virginia.

For questions or to set up a personal training or nutrition appointment with Beth, feel free email her at

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