Redskins Go Solar!

09.18.2011 / Blog Posts Redskins

The Redskins and NRG Energy officially unveiled the solar installation at FedExField at Sunday's game against the Cardinals! The NRG solar entry plaza at Gate A will generate power through a variety of green energy technologies, including translucent solar panels and a specially designed sculpture – dubbed "solar man"  – created using thin film solar technology. With more than 8,000 solar panels, this is the largest solar power installation in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and the largest of its kind at a professional football stadium!

Exactly how much power will the solar panels generate?

     - The equivalent amount of energy used annually by roughly 300 Maryland households

     - Enough to provide up to 20% of FedExField's power on gamedays, and all of the stadiums power on non-gamedays

     - They will keep 1,780 metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere each year– the equivalent of replacing 349 vehicles with gasoline engines with zero emission electric vehicles

Below are some easy ways that you can go green like the Redskins, both at home and at the stadium!

1. Eating local and organic foods are often overlooked, but it was one of the easiest and most important ways to go green! Eating local reduces energy usage (i.e. the burning of fossil fuels and carbon emissions) by eliminating the transport of food around the country, supports farming in your area and is often the best way to get the freshest fruits and vegetables.

2. Use Reusable Water Bottles. Billions of water bottles are used every year and it takes approximately 1,000 years for a water bottle to biodegrade, meaning that toxic additives are leaking into groundwater all the while. Using an at home filtration system and reusable water bottles can eliminate much of that pollution. You can find Redskins reusable water bottles at Redskins Team stores and!

3. Recycle your electronics. Now easier than ever, old cell phones, televisions, and computers can be recycled easily and conveniently; preventing chemicals and dangerous metals from seeping into the earth while in landfills. Some companies will even buy old electronics back to recycle into new technology.

4. If you plan on tailgating at an upcoming Redskins game, bring a separate trash bag with you for leftover bottles and cans to recycle later. Tons of solid waste is accumulated on gamedays in the parking lots alone, so bring a trash bag for recyclable materials you can help reduce that number tremendously!

5. Visit the NRG Energy Gate entrance to learn more about NRG and renewable energy!

Have more easy tips on going green at home? Post them in the comments below!

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