Welcome to!

09.01.2011 / Blog Posts

Welcome to!

Hey ladies – below are just a few pointers on navigating our new website.

Read Our Blog

The WOW blog will focus on six topics, going beyond the usual football talk and covering topics that are important to you – lifestyle, health and fitness, fashion, community outreach updates, and lastly, getting a behind-the-scenes look with the Redskins team wives. Our latest blog posts will feed into the window on our homepage and can also be accessed by clicking on "Blog" in the top navigation bar.

Become a Football Expert

Click on "Know Football?" at the top of our homepage or on the bottom left hand corner to learn the ins and outs of Football and become an expert on the game and all the rules. Whether you want to look up the meaning behind a certain referee signal, learn some football vocabulary, or are a veteran fan and want to test your knowledge – there's something for everyone.

Photos and Events

The "Photos" page allows WOW members to have their own photos to the website for all of our users to see. Whether you want to show off your tailgating set up, cool new Redskins gear, or have a picture of you and your girlfriends at the game, we want to see it! Simply click on the email link to send the photos to and they will be posted to the website shortly! Our events calendar can also be found here, so be sure to check back frequently for the next exciting WOW event.

Go Shopping!

Follow the "Shop" link to connect to our women's apparel site and shop online for your latest Redskins gear. With over 200 Redskins products, we're sure you will find something you can't live without! You can also get there by clicking on Shop button on the bottom right hand corner of the homepage.

Facebook and Twitter

Our social media feed on the right hand side of the website will post our latest Facebook posts and tweets. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for deals and updates from WOW's partners, see photos from games and events, take part in Redskins polls, and enter contests for the chance to win tickets! To access our Facebook and Twitter pages, simply click on the icons on the left side of your screen.

We Want to Hear From You!

Feel free to contact, which is also listed under the "Contact" link in the navigation bar at the top, with any questions, concerns, or general feedback.

Enjoy the site!
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