The Women of Washington Redskins

09.01.2011 / Blog Posts

The Women of Washington Redskins

As one of our most passionate and loyal fan bases, the Washington Redskins are proud to recognize female
Redskins fans everywhere with the launch of the Women of Washington Redskins, or WOW, the team's official
Women's Club! Now, female fans will have a space of their own to connect with the team and with each other!
Complete with its own website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, and year-round events, WOW goes above and beyond the few women's clubs that currently exist in all of professional sports. Explore for team news, a place to share your own Redskins photos, a breakdown of the game or our newer fans, social media updates, and much more! Members also have access to the dedicated WOW blog and monthly e-newsletters, taking you behind-the-scenes with exclusive interviews and updates, tailgating recipes, community news, and fitness tips from expert trainers. The WOW blog will also introduce members to the women behind the team – the wives, mothers, and girlfriends – that support and motivate our players, coaches, and trainers every single day and take you backstage into their own lives.

WOW will host events throughout the entire year, such as intimate networking events, watch parties, chalk
talks, and even blowout fitness activities at FedExField. Members can also get involved in numerous charitable
and community service events. The Women's Club will work closely with the Washington Redskins Charitable
Foundation and assisting many other great causes throughout the year such as breast cancer awareness.

This online community will give you, our female fans, a voice. It is a space where women dedicated to rocking the
burgundy and gold can share their own Redskins stories, experiences, and overall passion behind our soon to be
80-year-old franchise!

Joining the Women of the Washington Redskins is free and easy. To sign up, simply fill out the information on our homepage at and don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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